Group Classes

Unfortunately we are unable to offer group classes at this time. We hope to offer group classes again in 2023.

Private Training

In-Person Lessons: Sold in packages only for new clients. 1 hour in length, done at Trainer's location or public place. All other single lessons are for follow-up - $75 per lesson

4 lessons: $400

6 lessons: $550

8 lessons: $725

Virtual Skype Lessons: Sold in packages, 1 hour in length.

4 lessons: $300

6 lessons: $425

8 lessons: $550


8 hours of training with the trainer. Great for social exposure, confidence building, or just a day of field trips for your dog while you work all day! $200 - includes trainer picking up your dog (if you need) and dropping off, along with overview of the day your dog had with the trainer with training upon dog's return.


Nails: $10 - done in trainer's home

Full Groom: Small dogs done in trainer's home, larger or multiple dogs done in client's home. Additional $50 fee for in-home grooming.

  • Bath, ears, nails - $50
  • Bath with de-shed, ears, nails - $100
  • Bath with light trimming, ears, nails - $100 (additional $40 for deshed)
  • Bath with clipper cut, ears, nails - $150


Limited space available - $40/night

  • Dogs are treated like our own with house freedom when we are home during the day, exercise, play with trainer and dogs, participation in lessons and/or board and train dogs being trained.

Board and Train

Puppy Program: $500/week

  • For puppies under 8 months old.
  • Manners, basic obedience foundation skills, Socialization, play skills, confidence building.
  • Includes 2 hours of private training when your puppy comes home.

Basic Obedience Program: $2500

  • 3-week program.
  • For puppies and dogs over 8 months of age.
  • No previous training required.
  • Manners; Basic Obedience skills - sit, down, come, stay, place, heel, leave-it; confidence building, socialization, public training.
  • Includes 3 hours of private training, including a public training trip when your dog comes home!

Custom Training: $750/week

  • Designed to build off Obedience completed in private training, or added onto the basic obedience program above.
  • Includes private training depending on length of training

Raw Diet Services

Commercial dog food add-in service: $25

  • Uses whole fresh foods, safe for dogs
  • Measurements included based on dog's weight
  • Recipes for homemade ingredients included

Raw Diet Formulation: $150 per Recipe

  • Can be formulated for 100% DIY or to balance a Pre-Made raw dog food.
  • Formulated using easy-to-source ingredients
  • Guidance for best pre-made option for your budget included
  • Includes supplement recommendations for complete, balanced meals.
  • 7-day wait for all orders

Raw Diet Prep: $250

  • Includes preparations of 30 days of raw meals for your dog.
  • You must pick up on designated pick up day, we do not store meals on-site
  • You must provide containers, supplements, and food itself.

Whole Food Supplement batching: $75

  • Up to 4 whole food supplement recipes, made for your dog.
  • Includes cost of ingredients, purchased at local grocery stores.
  • Most recipes made in 2-week quantities.