What is Balanced Training?

Balanced dog training takes skills from every aspect of animal training to create the best training for each individual dog. We use all four quadrants of operant conditioning (positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment)  in just the right ways for each dog in order to get the desired results. We strive to meet all of the dog's needs in regards to exercise and training to create a balanced dog.

Do you use training tools like remote collars?

Remote collars (often referred to as e-collars) are one of the many tools we are comfortable with using and teaching our clients to use properly. We also utilize slip leashes, flat collars, harnesses, and prong collars. The tool is only as effective as its user!

What is a balanced dog?

A balanced dog is a dog that is clear-headed in every day life. Though genetics play a large role in certain behaviors or aspects of a dog's development, we strive to help owners work through their dogs behavioral issues by bringing all drives (prey, play, aggression, and defense) into one whole dog. Some dogs don't have aggression naturally, but many dogs  have the capability of displaying such behavior. Our knowledge allows us to help owners gain control of aggression by circling around through other drives. When we consider a dog to be balanced, he is happy anywhere and calm/neutral to the world outside of his owner or handler.