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Our Approach

Every client we work with gets a comprehensive understanding of how to make the most of their relationship with their dog. How to gain their dog's trust AND respect. How to bond with their dog in a way that their pet not only wants to perform for their owner, but loves to do so! Every dog is different and that determines reinforcement schedules and how we ensure that the training is maintained. through the consistency of our dedicated clients, owners are happy with the results they get through such a well-rounded, balanced method of training. We don't just train the dog, we train the human and we help foster lasting companionship!

Our Story

When I struggled with training our second dog, Ace (German Shepherd), I spent days online researching how to train dogs.  I came to the conclusion that there is no "correct" method because every dog needs a slightly different approach. Everything I read and watched gave me ideas on forms of reinforcement, rewards, corrections, how to use punishment and time-outs, and even striking my dog for misbehaving! But it wasn't until I did some soul-searching and came across a few social media accounts that harped on forming a strong and healthy relationship with your dog first. It was then and there that I realized "I don't treat my dogs fairly per their species!" So here we are now, helping dog owners realize their own relationship potential with their furry companions!

Meet the Owner and Head Trainer

Our company is run by Ariel Clouse; founder, owner, and head trainer. Her husband does a lot of behind-the-scenes work by caring for guest dogs and learning the complete training method with their personal dogs. They both share a unique passion for dogs and strive to create the best life for not only their dogs but their three young children.

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Ariel Clouse

Owner, Head Trainer

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