Free Events

Pack Walks: Looking for a way to connect with other like-minded dog owners? Or maybe you're looking for a constructive way to train your dog around distractions like dogs, people, and environment with control and guidance. The walk at the end of training is designed to meet the pack social mentality dogs crave. We don't need our dogs to have a bunch of dog "friends", but we do want them to be comfortable around dogs and people.

  • April 3 (Swan Creek Metropark), May 1 (Pearson Metropark), June 5 (Oak Openings), July 10 (Secor Metropark), August 7 (Oak Openings), October 23 (Wildwood)
  • Time and location will be announced via social media (Facebook, Google, and Instagram) the week before each pack walk.
  • All dogs must be on a leash
  • First 30-45 minutes will be training - bring treats, long leash, training tools, toy reward, and cot.
  • All dogs and handlers welcome!!
  • Please be equipped to clean up after your dog, and bring water and a dish.